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Bespoke Furniture Spray Painting.

Using innovative furniture spray painting to transform tired furniture while providing an immaculate factory finish, adding durability to your furniture.

Revitalising your much loved furniture to suit any style.

If you have a piece of furniture that you love, you shouldn’t have to part ways with it. Even if it’s starting to look a little dated or doesn’t fit in with your new décor, renovating the piece is something you should always consider before spending a ton on new furniture. Our furniture spray painting service helps breathe new life into tired furniture with every coat of paint. A change in colour can help make old furniture look more contemporary and give it a unique edge, you can also change the colour of your favourite furniture to perfectly match your room to create a cohesive look.

We choose to use furniture spray painting over traditional painting methods so that we can complete work for you at a faster pace and to a higher quality, offering you a sublime finish that’s perfectly even, with no brush marks. We can match the colour you’re after to a shade from our selection of high-quality paints no problem, so you can be sure that your revamped furniture has a colour that won’t fade, and is resistant from scuffs and marks, so your furniture stays protected.

We can also spray your fitted furniture. We carefully prepare the area beforehand to ensure we provide you with crisp lines and no signs of overspray. Our paints are quick drying and odourless so spraying your fitted furniture will cause minimal disruptions for you, and you can get back to using it before you know it.

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