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Specialist Spray Plastering.

Offering innovative spray plastering services for commercial and residential properties, with a smoother finish and quicker drying times than traditional plastering methods. 

Providing you a smoother finish and faster completion than traditional plastering.

Plastering provides the perfect base for paint, to ensure you get a completely smooth and durable finish. If your walls aren’t up to scratch, any unevenness will stick out like a sore thumb beneath your painted walls, no matter how well the paint is applied.  

Whether you’re looking to apply plaster to a wall for the first time in a new build property or an extension, or you’re wanting to renovate an existing plastered wall, our skilful hands are more than ready to meet your needs. We choose to use the spray plastering method wherever possible because of the many benefits it has over traditional plastering methods.  

Spray plastering brings a whole new level of convenience to the job. It’s fast drying and even dries white, making it the perfect base for paint, and is ready to be painted over in just 24 hours after it’s applied. Spray plastering is also excellent for skimming over existing plaster, and other surfaces such as concrete, to provide a perfectly smooth finish.